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Our unique culinary creations are freshly prepared and will not ever see the inside of a microwave.

We strive to use fresh local ingredients when possible. A vast majority of our spices and vegetables are grown in-house.

At Mobile Munchiez our core concept is to provide the highest levels of customer service and the highest quality of food possible. 

Mobile Munchiez is a family-owned mobile culinary vehicle serving the Tampa, Florida area specializing in Italian, American, and Latin cuisine. Perfect for corporate lunches or any special event, our trailer is 100% self contained and can easily be set up in almost any environment. To view our weekly schedule, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook. The links are shown below and our schedule is posted weekly. 


Fresh + L​ocal Ingredients

Top Notch



Special Events

Corporate Lunches

Our current catering menu is available below, however any menu item can be created for catered events. Please contact us for a detailed quote. 

Our current event menu is available below. We limit our event menu to our top selling items with larger portions for sharing and less wait times. 

Our current lunch menu is available below in PDF format. Text orders are welcome during operating hours (sorry no email orders can be accepted).